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"Sharing joyful instruction in singing, flute, guitar, pennywhistle, piano, ear training and music appreciation” 


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Luanne M. Ashe is a passionate and accomplished musician. From her education to her work via her hobbies, she has been breathing music to the point that, for her, music is her life.


Accredited multi-instrumentalist, voice specialist and leader, she has guided others as a music director, musicals producer, instructor or workshop leader and has used her extensive experience to perform solo or as part of an ensemble and enrich her musical gift to the audience.


Her eclectic taste and solid foundation in the principles of music mean that she can effortlessly take part in an old time string band (performing in Appalachian from 1978 on), a pop-rock band (as part of Little Luey & the Neons), as a purely rock show band (Risqué) or even in a Jazz ensemble (McGill Trio). If that were not enough, she is also part of the trio specialising in soulful Celtic instrumental music, When We Are 3, and harmonises with the other members of the band The 3 Sopranos (2010-2015). She is a soloist and member of several choirs. Later, in her career, she is most well-known for providing vocals, guitar, flute and whistle in the folky, Celtic trio EclectiCeltic.


When she is not found on music stages, there is no doubt that she is somewhere around them, sometimes hosting or even emceeing at an Open Mic, serving as an adjudicator in a contest (Word of Life Teens Involved Music Festival 2009-2013, Ancaster’s Got Talent Contest 2011-present ) or just taking part in music-related networking events as a member of several music associations.


The breadth of her musical knowledge is coupled with the depth of her passion to offer the audience a taste of the rainbow of musical heaven, a little Folk, an air of Classical, a bit of Rock, a touch of Pop and a whisper of Gospel.


It is this diverse experience in performance which translates easily to her role as music instructor - as she provides lessons in piano, guitar, flute, vocal and more. 



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Piano - Vocal - Flute - Guitar

Beauty From Ashes - Music Education (BFAME)

In between performances and personal development I offer many types of music lessons for individual of all ages. My approach to teaching revolves around a set of core values intended to inspire and instill an appreciation for music as an art form. These values are:




making learning enjoyable​

Contact me for rates and available openings in instrumental, vocal and stage performace lessons. 


Trusted and Valued Coaching


Luanne M. Ashe

P.O. Box 971, Waterford, ON. N0E 1Y0

Phone: 519-755-8802

Luanne Ashe has completed a professional course of instruction in the performing arts, including workshops and seminars  by industry experts, in addition to performing in stage and screen showcases at the international SHINE Conference. AMTC considers Luanne to be a role model of talent, excellence, compassion, grace, and courage: a future star for God.

~ Actors, Models & Talent for Christ. 

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